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Eric DeCosta says Ravens aren’t focused on trying to acquire a No. 1 receiver

As the Baltimore Ravens try to find the right levers to pull to allow them to advance deeper into the playoffs in future seasons, General Manager Eric DeCosta says finding

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Scientists solve a 100-year-old mystery about cancer

The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of a fundamental discovery that’s taught in every biochemistry textbook. In 1921, German physician Otto Warburg observed that cancer cells harvest energy from

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GameStop shares soar on short squeeze, then ease in wild trade session

Shares of U.S. videogame retailer GameStop skyrocketed by 144% on Monday as short sellers scrambled to cover their positions in the stock, which then pared gains in a roller coaster

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California man charged with making threats against family of congressman and a journalist

A California man was arrested Tuesday after federal authorities said he sent threatening text messages to family members of a New York City-area U.S. congressman and a journalist. Prosecutors allege

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